A Meow Massages the Heart

The staff at Argay Cat Clinic/Hospital for Cats strives to provide the best quality veterinary medical and surgical care for your feline friend. We couple this with a truly caring attitude and a friendly, knowledgeable staff. Our goal is to keep your kitten or cat healthy and safe.

Argay Cat Clinic/Hospital for Cats serves cats and their owners in the area. The hospital is set up for both complete outpatient and in-patient hospital care for your cats. We can provide vaccinations, sterilization procedures, general and dental radiology, ultrasound, long term feeding tube placement for anorexia and kidney failure support, thyroid surgery, nail trims, and mat removal. We are strong proponents of using photobiomodulation (laser) to treat the inflammation and the pain of arthritis. Argay Cat Clinic/Hospital for Cats also provides a full range of in-hospital laboratory services for your pet. We are happy to consult with you on difficult cases, but we are not too proud to utilize the expertise of other specialists when it is time to refer.

Our anesthesia service includes respiratory, cardiac, blood pressure monitoring, and intravenous support. We have over 47 years of experience in using safe general anesthesia. If your loved one needs surgery or a dental procedure and you are worried about safety, your best friend is in good hands.